Welcome to the Blog!

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Where do we start?


After many years working in IT I’ve decided (once again) to put up a blog. Others have come and gone during various stages of my career but side projects and life have always led me astray. So why write a blog now? What brings me back? Well I’m a big believer in and user of open source technologies. One of the driving things behind open source that makes it so amazing is, in my opinion, the community. On more than a number of occasions I’ve relied on any number of blogs, Stack Overflow posts and any number of other parts of the community to guide me along the way. More than 15 years later I think it’s finally time I start putting something out there that can hopefully help someone else navigate through their latest technical challenges or newest tech explorations.

Who am I?

I’m a father of 2, a husband, a do-it-yourselfer, and a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. My passion for computers began the day my parents purchased our first family computer. From the day we got it home all I wanted to know was how it worked and how I could make it do something different. Software, hardware, networking I was, and still am, fascinated by all of it. I spend most of my time however writing software. I specialize in web applications doing; system architecture design, backend development, and system deployment and maintenance.

What can you expect?

This blog will largely be a collection of tutorials for things I find useful or interesting. Things that I experiment with that my experience in how to get going might be useful to someone or even myself as a future reference. I’ll also try to help anyone out who comes along and reads my posts and has difficulties. There will probably be some technology rants or thought pieces on things that have been going on in technology. When I experiment with new or new to me technologies I’ll also try and write my first impressions of them.

My Project

I’ve also decided to write this blog as my own light weight(for now anyway) Django App. I’m open sourcing the app and once I have a few more features around the site added I’ll write some better documentation for the whole thing. For now the Git repository is over on bitbucket.