On to the next thing!

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What’s been going on?

Last year I received and amazing opportunity to join a fantastic team. I’ve since spent the last year changing paths in my career moving from development to DevSecOps. I’ve participated in DevOps in projects in the past and I’ve always had a keen interest in security. This past year has re-ignited my passion for IT I’ve read more books already this year than I have since College.

I’ve been playing with things like Ansible, Cloud Formation, Auto Scaling Groups, Code Deploy, IDS, Firewalls and lots more. Even some old familiar tools with the ELK stack! I’ve been continuing to explore Lambda and the world of Serverless, I’ve started writing a lot more complicated bash scripts to automate tasks and tie tools together. All this in an effort to get some compliance certifications added to our company. We’ve added SoC2 and have pending reviews with NIST and ISO27001.

I hope to start sharing bits and pieces of knowledge, tools and things I’ve written and maybe they can help someone on the path to securing their own infrastructure.