A Passionate IT Professional

Specializing in system architecture, security and Python development

A 15+ year veteran of IT. Technology truly is a passion of mine. I’ve been tinkering with every computer I’ve ever gotten my hands on. Being a developer isn’t just a job it’s a hobby. Always exploring the latest facets of technology or how I can use my love of coding to improve my life around me.

Over the years I’ve worked for many companies big and small. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a growing number of technologies and always enjoy the challenge of taking on something new.

  • Senior Developer

    More than 15 years as a professional developer. Programming since High School. 5+ Year Python developer with heavy experience with Django and Tornado and async applications. Capable full stack developer on web applications. Experienced GoLang, Ruby and more. I always enjoy learning and playing with new tools and languages.

  • DBA

    I’ve had the opportunity to do DBA work in various SQL environments and NoSQL environments. Scaling, security, data integrity, replication, sharding, real-time analytics, pre-computed statistics.

  • Dev Ops

    I’ve been hands in server deployment and management for nearly every project I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. From bare metal servers to automated cloude infrastructures, setup, security and monitoring.

  • Security Engineer

    Always with a mind towards security and currently the Chief Security Engineer for a globally active company. From basic security concerns to off the shelf or custom SIEM solutions

  • Project Management

    Capable of handling workflows and directing teams. I’ve been a part of and led teams both large and small. I enjoying playing to people’s strengths and seeing a project succeed.

  • Technology Evaluation

    Every environment and project is different choosing the right technology solution is not always an easy answer. I have years of experience in evaluating projects and obstacles and finding the right solutions for the job.

  • Consulting Services

    Sometimes you need an outside perspective of a technology specialist. Not every business works the same and not every solution is right for your business. I can help you define the type of solution that is best for you.